115 Boston Street Salem, Ma

(978) 744 5413

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Taste the magic of summer


Address: 117 Boston Street Salem, MA

Phone: 978 744 5413


Directions from 128:

Take exit 26 onto Lowell St. and head towards Peabody Square.  Continue through Peabody square and over the Salem/Peabody border.  We are about half a mile over the border on the right.


Our History

In the early 50's, Beatrice and Peter Polemenako rented away the land next to their house, allowing a local family to open an ice cream shop there.  Though successful, the family running it had to give up after a year. Beatrice and Peter took over operations in 1952, dubbing it the Dairy Witch.  Friendly and hardworking, they were quickly able to turn it into a thriving business.  


The Dairy Witch putting up it's open sign has long been a harbinger of warm weather and good times. Many of Salem's residents grew up awaiting this event.  We have played host to some of our customers' favorite childhood memories ranging from youth sports celebrations to first dates.  Our banana whipped frappes and crunch coat cones are nostalgic treats to our older crowd.  One of the constants over the last 60 years of a Salem summer night has been the long lines of eager customers waiting outside Dairy Witch Ice Cream.   

Bea and Pete's daughter, Marietta, has been working there since she was a kid, and when Beatrice was no longer able to run it, passed it down to her.  Marietta has kept up the standard of warmhearted service to her customers, and exemplary treatment of her staff  Our former employees often look fondly upon their time here.  Some make occasional "guest appearances" after they've moved on, filling in when their help is needed.  Come see why customers and employees alike love the Dairy Witch!




Soft Serve

Vanilla       Chocolate       Strawberry       Coffee

Hard Ice Cream

Vanilla      Chocolate       Coffee       Reese's Peanut Butter Cup       Strawberry       Coffee Oreo       Chocolate Chip       Moosetracks   Maple Walnut       Oreo Cookie       Mocha Chip       Cookie Dough       Black Raspberry       Grapenut Custard       Mocha Chip       Pistachio Nut       Frozen Pudding       Coconut Butter Pecan       Rocky Road       Cake Batter


Orange       Lime      Raspberry


Red Raspberry     Lemon

Hard Frozen Yogurt

Lowfat Chocolate Almond        Lowfat Mind Patty







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Sundae of the week


The B.O.C.


Two layers of ice cream topped with brownie bites, cheescake bites, and crushed Oreos.  Hot fudge is applied generously in each layer.