Hot Fudge Cake 50% off this Saturday

The Facebook fans have spoken!  Our hot fudge cake sundae beat strawberry shortcake by a margin of 112-74 on our first Facebook competition of the year.  We appreciate all the votes, and come by Saturday, mention the offer, and your hot fudge cake sundae will be half off.  

Check out our Facebook page for more competitions, and generally awesome pics of ice cream.  Beware of visual diabetes, as one of our fans put it.

The Hat Trick returns!

Chocolate cake, golden butterscotch, and vanilla ice cream.  Bruins colors.  We'd like to think it was the good luck charm responsible for the Bruins' run to the Stanley Cup Finals last year.  This year, the Bruins haven't lost a game since it has been available.  Just Sayin'.

Anyway, it will be $4 for soft serve, and $5 for hard ice cream going forward for the hopefully long run in these playoffs.

Introducing The Green Monster Cookie Sundae

With the help of some of our Facebook fans, we have created a new Red Sox themed sundae.  Some of our fan's ideas were great, but not feasible.  In the end, we decided to go with chocolate chip cookies as the main topping, and a mint instead of a cherry.  The cookies go great with mint chocolate chip ice cream, staying with the green theme.  Thanks again to all who commented on the original post. 

It was one heck of a season!

So the Bruins bowed out to the Blackhawks tonight after giving up a 2-1 lead in the series and in the last game.  You could be disapointed, but remember they made it further than most of us thought.  This will also mark the end to our Hat Trick sundae price deal, though people will still be able to order it at the usual $5.50 during the offseason.  We will be bringing a Red Sox special sundae next!